Local MP secures change of heart from British Gas.

Local MP campaigning for British Gas to review their pre-payment and top-up arrangements has welcomed the news that the minimum top-up will return to just £1.

Robin Millar MP for Aberconwy highlighted the difficulties experienced by residents in rural parts of his own constituency especially Llanrwst and along the coast:

"When the Secretary of State and I met with the Chief Executive of Centrica a couple of weeks ago in Westminster we were very clear about our concerns. 

A combination of reduced access to pre-payment points for constituents in rural areas, and an increase in the minimum top-up to £5 was proving a real problem for residents.

There were plenty of stories from across the country and here in North Wales of residents with cold houses, no hot water and long, additional journeys as a result of the new arrangements. 

Often it is the most vulnerable members of our communities - the elderly, those living alone or with very young families - who have the least flexibility and are the worst affected. 

This is a welcome rethink by Centrica. I'm grateful to them for listening and I look forward to hearing an update on their progress with access to pre-payment points in the coming weeks."

Secretary of State for Work & Pensions Dr Therese Coffey MP for Suffolk Coastal said:

"The changes that were being made affected some of the most vulnerable members of society. I am grateful to Centrica that they have moved quickly in response to the concerns raised by almost one hundred of my colleagues, on behalf of their constituents. This will be helpful for many."